«QuiltTerra» is a digital magazine in Russian language. It was born in 2016 as “I love patchwork” magazine and then changed its name in 2017.

When we started the project, we had no idea what we would face to, how much time and effors we would need to spend working on it. Now a year after we know what does it mean to release a single issue: dozens of hours of work at the laptops writing articles and master classes, negotiating with authors, editing, formating and putting gazillions pieces of the puzzle together. By the end of the first year we felt absolutely exhausted, and had to make a tough choice to either abandon the project, or to make the full version of the magazine paid, keeping a shorter one still free. We chose the latter, and hope the outcome won't disappoint you.

Taking the opportunity we would also like to express our gratitude to all of those who helped us with the magazine, providing us with interviews, articles and master classes absolutely for free. Without their invaluable assistance we would never get that far with the project. And we would like to start paying to our authors once we become profitable.

The cost of one issue is comparable to the price of a cup of coffee. It takes about a minute for a barista to make it, but it takes weeks for us to prepare and release a single issue. And we hope that you enjoy reading our product much longer than drinking your coffee.

P.S. We have nothing against coffee, we love it!

In 2016 there were four releases more that 100 pages each. We would like to get it to the six per year, unless we run into anything blocking.

There is no subscription yet, but we are working on it.

We have everything in Russian, and a few master classes in English. English is not our native language, and we understand that it is way far from being perfect. So we apologize in advance for having bugs in our translations.

Email us at quiltterra+support@gmail.com and we’ll negotiate it.

You can pay with a payment card or using your PayPal account.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

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We are working on the page-by-page online viewer. You can download a purchased document as a PDF file to view it offline. To download the file find “Attachments” section on the magazine show page and click on either the document name (1), or its “download” link (2), or on the document image (3).

Click on your email in the main menu, then on Settings item.

Please do not re-dictribute anything without our approval, even when you download free files. The fact that you paid for and/or downloaded a document, does not mean you got all the right to share it in the Internet. But if you believe that you really need it to be published somewhere, please reach us and we’ll discuss it.

We are OK with this unless the size of the quoted text is more that 10% of the size of the article. We would also be pleased if you would provide us with a link to a page, where the quote was posted.

We are asking you to not do this because it violates our «Terms and conditions». The files we sell on our website are inexpencive, and will be forced to close the project if it becomes unprofitable.

You can email us at quiltterra+support@gmail.com