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Ваша QuiltTerra
New issue

Our first issue of the “QuiltTerra” magazine is dedicated to the Christmas and to the New Year events.

The magazine will tell you how awesome the “IV-th International Festival of Patchwork” in Krasnodar was. It will take you to France to visit the European “Patchwork Crossroads”. An astonishing photo-report made by Valeria Mezhibovskaya will tell you about the “Open Competition” and the famous quilters.

We all know that the pre-Christmas fuss is very time consuming, and we have very little time left to make handmade presents for our loved ones. But is there an easy solution? Yes, thanks to our postcard creation tutorial, and all you need is just a piece of nice fabric. If you have a few free evenings you can make a beautiful skirt for your Christmas tree, or please your kids with some gifts from a handmade Advent calendar, or decorate your Christmas table with a beautiful napkin. And a very little time you will need to make a few stars to dress your Christmas tree up.

Both, beginners and professionals, will find interesting an article about the “Russian Guild of Quilters”. Our story teller and one of the Guild founders Tatiana Samsonova will shed some light on its foundation. A professional quilter Elvira Pustovalova will introduce newcomers the world of quilting and quilting related tools.

The history flashback article is devoted to the American colonists and to the “Quilt walk” monument.

You will read about a Ukranian master Natalya Davydenko and her work “Salvador Dali”, which traveled to the Houston festival. And if you were amazed by the art quilt on the front cover, then a detailed interview with Isabella Baikova is made right for you! Isabella is a master who is well known all over the world. Get to the article and she will tell you how she gives a birth to the quilts filled with light!

And for dessert is… a recipe of the Estonian Christmas cookie called “piparkook.” Have you tried it yet? You’d better do it!

See you on the magazine pages!

P.S. The magazine is in Russian language.

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A huge thanks to the whole team who worked on the project. It’s a really great that there is a patchwork magazine in Russian language, that was made with such love.

Natalia P.

Thank you for the magazine! It’a high quality product with a lot of usefull information, great photos and detailed technic descriptions! I wish you and your business the best!

Polina T.

Thanks for such a wonderful magazine! I read it “from cover to cover”, there is nothing superfluous, all the articles are just miraculous!

Yana B.